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Shodoshima Kotsu Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as "our company".) Our company considers personal information to be an important asset for individuals, and believes that all persons engaged in business in the Philippines must comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (the Personal Information Protection Act) and the JIS Q 15001 Regulations on the Protection of Personal Information, and protect and respond to the trust of customers by handling personal information appropriately and safely.

  1. Our company provides information about you personally (Hereinafter referred to as ""Personal Information"".). The Company appoints a person in charge of administration in each department or department handling and has the person in charge of administration manage it appropriately.
  2. When we collect your personal information from you, we will identify the purpose of use as much as possible, and we will obtain the necessary personal information after clearly indicating the contact point of our company to you in advance.
  3. Our company will properly manage the personal information obtained from you and will not provide or disclose it to any third party other than the company with your consent.
  4. If our company agrees with paragraph 3. The Company obliges companies that provide personal information based on the consent of customers to not leak or resubmit the personal information of customers by contract, and implements appropriate management.
  5. Our company may send, send, or call you by email, post, or otherwise with information about our company services, or products, services, or other items that may be useful to you. You may discontinue or resume this process at the request of our company in any manner prescribed by Intel.
  6. If you wish to inquire about or modify your personal information, please contact your our company representative and we will respond as soon as possible to a reasonable extent.
  7. Our company will comply with all applicable laws, regulations and standards relating to personal information held by our company, and will review and improve its initiatives in the above sections as appropriate.