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local government

Ferry and speedboat

Okayama Port/Takamatsu Port - Tonosho Port/Himeji Port/Fukuda Port

Uno Port, Ieura Port, and Karabitsu Port: Tonosho Port

Takamatsu Port - Ikeda Port

Takamatsu Port - Kusakabe Port

  • Utsumi ferry (currently suspended) * As of April 1, 2021

Nanko, Kobe Port - Sakate Port

Setouchi Kanko Kisen

Tourism & Leisure

Tourism and Town Information

tourist facility


Rent-A-Car and Rent-A-Cycle

Souvenirs and specialties

Soy sauce, sesame oil

Handen Somen Noodles


olive product


Hotels and Ryokan

Business Hotel

National housing and public facilities