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Shodoshima Island has narrow and intricate roads and mountain roads all over the place, and it is a bit difficult to get close by a large car. Sunday drivers may have a hard time in some places. Taxi sightseeing is recommended for such people. Our experienced drivers who know the local roads well will take you safely and comfortably to your destination.

We have 18 taxis and jumbo taxis available in our company. If you want to enjoy Shodo Island in every corner, please take a taxi from Shodo Island Transportation Co., Ltd.

Please make a reservation by phone. tel. 0879-62-1201/toll-free 0120-087966

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We accept chartered taxis.

medium-sized taxi four-seater
From 9.25.2023
(1 hour 5,340 yen)
jumbo taxi nine-seater
From 9.25.2023
(1 hour 7,480 yen)

*Rental fee ・・・ Available from 3 hours.

medium-sized taxi

medium-sized taxi

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japan taxi

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jumbo taxi

Charges to major tourist facilities (approximate)

Tonosho Port Rapid Boat Noriba ~ medium-size taxi(Amended on Sep. 25, 2023)

Angel Lord Approximately 950 yen
Ikeda Port Approximately 2,250 yen
Choshikei Approximately 4,450 yen
Kusakabe Port Approximately 5,550 yen
Ōbe Port Approximately 6,250 yen
Olive Garden Approximately 4,350   yen
Kankakei Approximately 7,550 yen
Kountei Approximately 8,050 yen
Tanoura (24 Eyes Movie Village) Approximately 9,250   yen
Fukuda Port Approximately 11,250 yen

Tonosho Port Rapid Boat Noriba ~ Jumbo Taxi(Amended on Sep. 25, 2023)

Angel Lord Approximately 1,030 yen
Ikeda Port Approximately 2,630 yen
Choshikei Approximately 5,130   yen
Kusakabe Port Approximately 6,330   yen
Ōbe Port Approximately 7,130   yen
Olive Garden Approximately 4,930 yen
Kankakei Approximately 8,630   yen
Kountei Approximately 9,230   yen
Tanoura (24 Eyes Movie Village) Approximately 10,630 yen
Fukuda Port Approximately 12,830 yen

Recommended sightseeing spots of Shodoshima Kotsu staff

Angel Walk Angel Road

"Angel Road is a long and narrow sandy beach with a length of about 500 meters that leads to Nakayo Island and Oyo Island floating in the sea from Maejima Island of Shodo Island approximately twice a day. It is a sand road that appears from the sea at low tide, and it is a precious road that only appears for about 2 hours before and after low tide.
This phenomenon is called the dragonfly phenomenon, in which a road appears or disappears into the sea due to the ebb and flow of the tide."

"When you cross the sandy beach road (Angel Road) that appeared at the time of low tide, holding hands with your loved one, an angel will come down on the road and you will receive happiness that is said to make your wish come true!
In addition, it has been certified as a romantic spot suitable for a marriage proposal among tourist spots nationwide by the ""Lovers' Holy Land Project""."

Also, if you go up the stairs leading to a small hill at the entrance of Angel Road, there is the "Promised Hill Observation Deck", which overlooks "Angel Road" and becomes a spot where the sound of the bell of lovers pledging eternal love can be heard. (≧ ▽ ≦)

It is also a location for many movies and dramas such as the movie "Boku to mamama no kiiroi biki" (yellow bicycle of my mother and me), "Setouchi kaizoku monogatari" (The tale of the pirates of the Setouchi region), 10 the Japan Academy Award-winning work "8 days cicada", the drama "Love Letter", etc. The facilities include a private parking lot, a bus parking lot, a tourist information center, a kiosk, a toilet, and a foot washing place, and it is very convenient!!!