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This is an announcement from Shodoshima Kotsu Co., Ltd., a member of the Japan Bus Association.

The chartered bus industry is also in a very difficult business situation due to the impact of the spread of the novel coronavirus. However, as you know from the mass media and media, the chartered bus has the same high ventilation performance as the Shinkansen. As an infection prevention measure, it is a matter of course that our company checks the temperature of the crew members, wears masks, and disinfects with alcohol. In addition to this, we apply coating and spray disinfectant in accordance with the government guidelines.

In addition, we will make some inconveniences to you, such as temperature check, mask wearing, hand sanitizing, alcohol drinking, karaoke, talking in a loud voice, and not using salon seats.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

The chartered bus is a safe ride. You can use it with peace of mind.
We look forward to your visit to Shodoshima Kotsu Co., Ltd.

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You can watch the video of the Japan Bus Association [Bus Safety and Security Declaration].